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Steps to Tackle Stress

Life by its very nature creates stress - and now with COVID-19 we have added:

  • home schooling

  • canceled vacations, proms, graduations,

  • most all sporting event venues, recreational sports, and hangout places are closed

All of the sudden the things we use to do to relax or take our mind off the stress of work are taken away….

So how do we de-stress in this new normal whether we are still able to work, have to work from home, or are not working

Here are a few simple step

  1. get out-side - neurological research shows that outdoors improve overall mental well being

  2. laugh - laughter release mood stabilizing neurotransmitter into the brain which release stress

  3. breath deeply - stress changes in our brain as we infuse our brain with oxygen

  4. walk away - before making a mistake just walk away - we can always in almost every case try again later or tomorrow

  5. talk to people on the phone - what a concept reach out and touch someone

  6. visit with your neighbors porch to porch - humans need actually physical connection (even in social distancing ways)

  7. start a new hobby - something that lets you use your hands and takes your mind off of all that might be stressing you out

  8. turn off the news - (try to watch it only once a day from credible sources) play board games, go for walks, read a good book etc.

We got this

Dr. Kane


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