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Initial Assessment


Most individuals pay for therapy using insurance and have a small copay. However, we also accept private pay. 

Your initial assessment will include a review of your mental health history, desired goals, and expectations. 


Assessments are tools for building therapeutic relationships. During this session, the clinician will collect information about your concerns and develop a treatment plan with you.


Group Therapy


Our mental health professionals meet with a small group of people to discuss their problems and experiences. As a result of group work, members learn more about themselves and how their issues impact their lives, as well as how to cope with and resolve them. During the group, members support and encourage each other and gain insight from each other's perspectives. The environment is safe and non-judgmental for members to share their thoughts.


We can provide group therapy at our office, virtually, or at another location. We have provided group therapy for groups of nurses, new mothers, police officers, teenagers, and construction workers.

Individual Therapy


You can turn to us for help whether you've recently undergone a life event or have struggled with emotional issues for years.


A therapist will spend an hour with you working on therapeutic goals in individual therapy. We offer a variety of therapeutic approaches tailored to meet your individual needs. 


Individual therapy can also complement couples and/or family therapy.

Court-ordered Therapy

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An intervention by the court may be necessary when a person's mental illness or addiction threatens their lives or the lives of others.


A mandatory or court-ordered therapy session can provide people who are struggling with mental health with the break they need to get their lives back on track. Court-ordered therapy can be a meeting between a child and a therapist, a parent and a therapist, or some combination.


Pricing depends on duration of treatment, number of involved parties, paperwork required, etc. Please note insurance does not cover court-mandated therapy.

Couples or Family Therapy


Couples or family therapy focuses on improving relationships. The goal is to help us learn to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and create a healthier and more supportive environment.


These one-hour therapy sessions are for couples, parents and children, siblings, and other family members as appropriate. 

Please note insurance rarely covers this type of therapy. Please check with your provider prior to treatment.

Wellness Lunch & Learn

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During lunch hours or evening forums, we have held workshops and educational presentations for teachers, construction workers, police officers, nurses, engineers, municipal clerks, parents, and city council leaders. Is your group interested in wellness education and resources? Bring us to your site and let us handle the work.


For more information, please contact our front desk. Pricing depends on group size, location, and duration.


Are you concerned about the cost of therapy? Our practice is paneled with several insurance companies. Please contact our front desk to find out if your insurance is accepted. We want to do all we can to make therapy accessible and affordable for you. 

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