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Treatment Options

Anxiety, Depression, & Mood Disorders

Our clinic offers evidence-based therapies and interventions to treat anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders.

Family, Couples, & Relationships

Expert guidance in navigating communication challenges, relationship conflicts, parenting issues, and divorce support, fostering healthier family dynamics for couples, marriages, and premarital relationships.

Stress-Related Conditions

Providing stress-management and resilience-promoting care tailored to caregiver fatigue, high-pressure jobs (such as construction and nursing) and first responders.

Court Ordered & Supervised Visitations

For families navigating legal proceedings or custody arrangements, we offer counseling, support, and supervised visitation, as well as therapy services mandated by the courts.

Group Therapy

Under the guidance of experienced therapists, supportive group therapy sessions promote sharing experiences, mutual support, and collective healing between individuals facing similar challenges.

Trauma Recovery

Trauma-focused therapies and interventions to address PTSD, acute stress, and related conditions in individuals who have experienced traumatic events.

Outdoor Meditation
Image by Edward Cisneros

I have absolutely loved working with Dr. Kane. I was referred to her by my OBGYN because I mentioned I was looking for a therapist and she has been the luckiest referral. She’s been very straight forward yet kind as she’s helped guide my healing process and I cannot recommend her enough.

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