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Mental Health Issues are on the Rise - How can We help?

A recent article published in the Washing Post indicates that a third of the United States population is manifesting symptoms of clinical anxiety or depression.

This rise in mental health issues effects individuals, families, communities and corporations.

As we look at the pandemic of COVID-19 on a biological medical scale, health care entities as well as corporation need to consider the emotional impact and take proactive steps to help individuals return back to what will be the new normal.

Stress and fear impact individuals in different ways. For some stress can be motivating and increases performance and for others it can be debilitating and turn to fear.

Like a virus, mental health is a medical condition, these is nothing to be ashamed of.

Interesting facts:

  • Only about one-third of people in therapy in the US are men

  • While over 14% of men in the US experience a mental health issue, very few of them get help

  • Only 60% of depressed men go for treatment, but over 72% of women go for treatment

  • 9% of women make use of outpatient mental health services, while only 5% of men do so

  • When it comes to prescription medication for mental illness, men are even less likely to participate.

  • 16% of women use prescription medication to improve their mental health, only 9% of men do so

  • Typically, men are more likely to abuse illicit drugs and alcohol – 11.5% of males over 12 have a substance use disorder, compared to 6.4% of females

"Lets's help each other break the silence by talking openly and positively about mental health, and recognize it is okay and healthy to seek treatment."


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