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Kari Turner

HR Director

Kari Turner is a highly skilled Human Resources professional with expertise in employee relations, training, and program development. With a Master's in Business Administration, Kari is well-equipped to navigate the dynamic world of HR. In her career, Kari has demonstrated exceptional abilities in fostering positive employee relations, mediating conflicts, and fostering harmonious work environments.

Kari is also a seasoned trainer, creating and delivering programs to enhance employee skills, productivity, and job satisfaction. Her talent lies in creating engaging and interactive training sessions that promote active learning and knowledge retention.


As part of her background, Kari has worked in various mental health settings. She has organized and participated in hundreds of workshops in the private, non-profit, and government sectors. In addition, she has worked as a crisis de-escalation trainer for residential treatment programs and as a NACP Credentialed Advocate (CA) for military families.

Kari has played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of programs to drive organizational growth and efficiency. She excels at analyzing the needs of both employees and management, identifying gaps, and implementing strategic initiatives that align with business objectives. 

Kari Turner
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