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Dr. Christy Kane

Clinical Mental Health Counselor, PsyD

I have spent many years studying and treating trauma, as well as mood disorders, depression, and anxiety. I believe mental health isn't just something we experience—it is who we are. I offer individual, couples, and family counseling to address trauma, heal rifts, and increase joy in human connection. 

I invite you to come visit with me, ask me questions and learn how I can meet your needs. Come tell me what your goals are and let's start the healing journey, together. I offer a nonjudgemental, safe space for you to discover if I am the right counselor for you.

I have over 20 years of experience leading and guiding in mental health. I am also a keynote speaker and author who focuses on neurology, mental health stability, and how electronics are affecting the human brain.  


I have served in a variety of roles that contribute to my mental health knowledge and expertise in the field of Psychology. As a former owner and Clinical Director of two residential treatment centers, I have helped youth learn the skills necessary to effectively contribute to society, manage their mental health, and make positive changes in their lives. 


From parent nights at local schools to TEDx talks, and from national conferences to local intervention with companies, I advise throughout the nation on mental health.

I am currently accepting a limited number of clients as I am focusing on building my clinical practice, speaking opportunities, and mentoring emergeing counselors. If you are unable to meet with me due to no openings, I highly encourage you to consider meeting with one of my exceptionally talented interns.


Each one of my interns and therapists receives directly weekly coaching and guidance from me. I am invested in creating a top clinic in Utah county where people and their families can feel safe, receive the treatment they need, and begin healing.

I do accept court-ordered therapy cases and work with families to reunite. ​

Dr. Christy Kane
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