Let's do more than talk about Mental Health.

Let's make an impact.

From parent nights at local schools to TEDx talks, national conferences or local interventions with companies, Christy is a coveted advisor in the area of mental health. Christy knows that corporations, schools, and families are facing mental health challenges.

Using therapeutic topics, tools, guidance, and solutions, Christy offers information to help protect individuals from mental health crises.

"Dr. Kane's presentation was very informative and provided valuable insight on how electronics are impacting not only our children and teens but even us as adults. The data she provided was understandable and useful for audiences of all ages, and she provides helpful recommendations on what we can be doing to mitigate the negative impacts of ever-changing technology. I highly recommend her presentation."

- Jenney Rees | Cedar Hills | Mayor


Good Mental Health is Possible

Christy takes her audiences on healing journeys designed to empower the present, make peace with the past, while gaining a greater understanding of the neurology of mental health. As a frequent guest of national radio programs, keynote speaker at conferences, and an author on trauma Christy is on a mission to help end the mental health and suicide crises in the United States. 


Christy is currently speaking on various healing topics such as making peace with the past, the need for direct human connection, saving one person at a time, getting to know the back story, and returning to more than normality after the pandemic. 

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Together we can create a healing movement. Together we are stronger.


"Christy is an expert in mental health who delivers engaging keynote presentations that challenge her audiences to contemplate human connection. With bold and occasionally quirky methods, Christy encourages her audiences to come together and gain insight into their mental health. Event organizers love her practical strategies of healing and find them applicable in both personal and professional settings. Attendees say their biggest complaint is not having enough time to learn all of the valuable tools she has to offer. 


Christy is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a PsyD in Psychology and is a sought-after speaker in more than one industry. Educators, parents, and business leaders discover solutions from her workshops, numerous conferences, including TEDx Park City, National Resource Officers Conference, NPR Radio, National Mental Health Conferences, Fox News National Radio programs, and parent nights, as well as her from her radio segments. Organizations hire Christy because her implementable tools help individuals to find hope, take daily steps to live their ideal lives, and make peace with the past. 


Oh, did we mention that Christy is a bibliophile? Why does that matter? Well, it means she's curious, time-honored, and a little brainy (okay, a lot). She also considers herself an advocate for hugs and recommends getting 8 hugs a day for 8 seconds for optimal mental health."

Christy Kane

Speaker, Author, and Founder of 360 Focus Mental Health

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