Take A Guided 
Healing Journey

One of the sacred offerings of therapy that's protected by a code of ethics is the gift of confidentiality. The purpose of this book is to guide readers through the healing steps of therapy.


In this book, you'll discover the resiliency of the human soul as it's protected and shepherded by a gifted mental health professional.


The ultimate aim of this book is not to highlight darkness but to emphasize the truth that healing is possible-if those who seek it are dedicated to the work required to obtain this gift

Overcome Trials
and Make a Difference

All of us will go through times in life that will try our very souls. During such times, we may ask the following questions:

Will I ever get through this?

Why me?

Who am I?

What do I believe?

Am I alone?


Such events are a part of every life. What should not be part of life is choosing to travel through these difficult circumstances alone.


The greatest growth in life comes when we are willing to ask for help and then allow others to help our healing process. In her book, Shell Cracking: Leaving the Past Behind, Christy shares stories of heroic individuals who through her help and guidance overcame great trials, making a difference in their lives and the lives of others.


As an author I seek to help others find the pathway to healing. 

It is has been an interesting journey to write a book regarding the sacred healing process. I do so with great respect for those who have trusted me with their stories and to tell their story. I hope their stories impact your lives they way they have impacted mine. People truly can do hard things. 


Through my writings I seek to invite you into the therapy office so that you might consider such a pathway for yourself. We all need healing at some time in our lives.  We can all assist helping others find healing. So many suffer in silence uncertain who to ask or where to turn.  We can help change that.


As you take time to read my book may you find within its pages intimacy with the personal therapeutic process. I look forward to your amazon reviews of my books.  Please drop me and let me know your thoughts. 


Thank you Christy 

Christy Kane

Speaker, Author and 
Founder of 360 Focus Mental Health

Founder of 360 Focus Mental Health

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