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New Therapists at Our Clinic. Who Should You See?

We are accepting new patients

A clinician should be seen within 10 days of deciding therapy is needed according to federal guidelines. It is important for people to receive help as soon as possible. But, did you know that the average wait time to see a therapist in Utah is a little more than two months!?!

Consultation for New Clients

If you've been searching for a therapist, then you're in the right place. We offer a 15-minute free consultation so that you can meet your therapist and decide if the fit is right.

We know that becoming a new patient is something that you do after gathering as many details as you can (and finding the most compassionate team out there that offers holistic care). As a result, we would like to invite you to become a patient at our practice and would also love to share a bit more about what you can expect from our team. 

Who We Welcome 

We are happy to welcome families, individuals, and couples! We provide therapy to people of all backgrounds, with an emphasis on adolescent-age clients and older. Services range from anxiety and depression treatment to trauma recovery, couples counseling, and family systems support. We have clinicians with a range of therapeutic experience, ensuring we can meet your mental health needs.

Services You Can Expect

We have holistic mental health therapy services for new and existing clients. To see a full list of our services click here.

Become A Patient For Compassionate, Quality Care!  

Our compassionate team looks forward to meeting you and providing compassionate care for your therapeutic journey.Our team is committed to your success and wants to make sure you feel taken care of.

Have questions about care, visits, treatments, insurance, financing, or anything else? Just ask!

Our Newest Therapists

Glen Clawson

Glen is interning with us and making a career change into the field of mental health. Glen is a traveler. Glen has lived all over from Georgia, to Japan, and Maryland, and he recently just returned from a stellar trip to Greece! Glen has had an incredible background of working with people from diverse life settings and circumstances. Glen served in the Army for many years and specialized in Satellite Network Management. He also worked as an Engineer in ground stations in Colorado, England, and Australia. He has extensive experience in project management and team leadership. He is also a business owner. He is currently gaining experience for his Marriage and Family Therapy degree and is passionate about helping men and young men with their mental health, as well as marriage counseling. We're so excited to welcome him to our team!

Christopher Dominguez

Christopher Dominguez has his Associate license in Marriage and Family Therapy and brings with him some great experience from his internships and previous positions. Christopher is a veteran whose passionate and outgoing attitude are sure to make a difference in helping clients positively address challenges in their lives. Christopher has skills in Spanish, several tech suites, and experience in human resources including a SPHR Certification. He's worked extensively in recruiting and talent acquisition. We know his people skills will translate into therapeutic skills so well. We're eager to bring his expertise and team-oriented attitude to our clinic!

Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox has been working as a SUDC (Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counselor). In just a few short days/weeks Jessica will have her Associate license in Marriage and Family Therapy. Jessica is known for her ability to build rapport and connect easily with others, and brings a wealth of interpersonal skills to our clinic. She also plays softball! She loves to get out in the mountains and adventure, too. We're really excited about her skills in addiction treatment and how she'll continue to use those skills in an outpatient setting. She also has fantastic skills when it comes to facilitating groups. Jessica went to Utah Valley University and has developed skills in CBT, family systems therapy, and solution-focused therapy.

Michelle Jones

Throughout the court-mandated therapy cases our clinic has taken on, Michelle and Dr. Kane have worked together informally for many months. We're excited that as an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Michelle will be joining our office in June. Michelle grew up in California and a multicultural family and a diverse environment. She is culturally sensitive, especially to the needs of vulnerable populations. Michelle has experience working in three residential centers and has maintained a busy private practice since 2003. She specializes in helping families through high conflict divorce cases. She also plays the violin with the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra, and calls herself Grandma to five grandbabies. As parents and children navigate through the court process and heal, we are thrilled to have her experience and expertise on board.


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