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Empower people.Support their

mental health.

Empowering communities through the original

mental health 360 Focus™

mental illness affects

1 in 4


1 in 5







We Can Change That

with 360™ focus

Mental health is part of our daily lives. It is who we are. 


When mental health changes and someone experiences depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges, that's when crisis happens. 

360 Focus™

Remove the myths surrounding mental health and introduce real resources. 


360 Focus™ is a comprehensive and customizable approach to empower families, corporations, schools, and communities. 


Experience groundbreaking mental health empowerment in the only 360™ Focus, evidence-based approach. 

Mental Health Crisis

  • Less than half of adults with mental illness seek help.

  • Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.

  • Mental illness causes a $193.2 billion dollar loss each year in earnings.

Learn More

Build Connections

Show your employees that you care about people and

their mental health.

Give Them 


As a parent, you play an important role in your child's mental health.


Learn how to support good mental health in your home and where to go for help. 

Let Them Talk

We can create mentally healthy schools with open dialogue. 


Gain tools to encourage students and teachers to look after their mental health every day. 

About Christy

Christy Kane

PhD, CMHC, Founder

Christy is a licensed, mental health clinician, business leader, and mother who believes in empowering people through positive mental health.

Described as "insightful and empowering," Christy teaches communities and organizations how to embrace mental health. Christy is leading a movement to help us reconnect. Christy is a counselor, sought-after speaker and published author of Shell-Cracking. 

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