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Grievance Instructions

A grievance is any complaint which states that a staff member, a department or an agency has treated a client unjustly or unfairly, has denied, involuntarily reduced or terminated services or has violated a client right as described by an agency policy, a Department of Human Services (DHS) policy or state or federal law.

As a client of Dr. Christy Kane LLC, you have the right to express concerns about our services, policies or staff. If you are unable to resolve a problem or feel that your rights have been violated, you may file a formal grievance.

​Filing a grievance will not adversely affect the services you receive. 
*This email is not continuously monitored and is not intended for crisis or emergency services. 

Grievance Form

You may also download a copy of our grievance form below and mail it to: 

Dr. Christy Kane LLC

5455 West 11000 North Suite 204 Highland, UT 84003

For Dr. Christy Kane employees, please download a copy of the grievance form and submit to your Human Resources Manager

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