First Responders

First responders experience trauma on a daily basis. It is vital to maintain quality of life for first responders and their families. 

Dr. Kane's 360™ Focus offers a collaborative partnership with first responder agencies to empower the mental health of their people.

Empowering Those Who Serve

Wellbeing and mental health training for first responders 

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Serving on front lines

Trauma impacts those who serve - daily

First responders attend to a broad range of public safety issues and even serious crimes. 

On any given day, first responders are exposed to traumatic events. They witness domestic violence, child sexual assault, death, and mutilated remains. They deal with being shot at, assaulted, and threatened.

Exposure to volatile, high risk, and high stress situations would tax anyone's mental health.

Now, more than ever before, the tools are available to help first responders meet the challenges of their jobs and keep the communities they serve, safe.

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Our Services

We offer evidence-based trainings for first responders. 

Our trainings are designed to keep officers and first responders safe so that they can effectively serve our communities.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Christy Kane is a sought-after speaker and credientialed clinician.


Experienced in keynote addresses, break-out sessions, in-house credentialing, TED-talk, and panel discussions, Dr. Kane offers a variety of presentations to address first responder mental health.

Training Topics

  • Trauma awareness and impact

  • Mental Health 101

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Sensitivity & Diversity 

  • Mental health issues in civilian populations

  • Mental health training for officers


Dr. Kane and her team of professionals offer customizable training to meet your needs.


It is our mission to help officers and first responders to continue the important

services they render.


We are proud to support officers to continue their service and receive the respect and honor they deserve.  

Culture Change

First responders experience common barriers from difficulty taking time off work, to not knowing where to get help, to even fearing negative impacts on their careers.

We can supercharge cultural change in your agency. We'll teach you how to remove barriers and help your people get the care they need to be successful first responders. 


Services for Officers

Good policing requires a commitment to robust, ongoing training. 

  • Mental health training for officers  

  • Monthly follow up and continuation mental health training

  • Pre-service Psychological evaluations 

  • Yearly mental health evaluations 

    • Confidential and non-confidential options

  • Fit for duty evaluations

**All services can be offered in person or remotely

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Serving First Responders

360 Focusempowers all

  • Law Enforcement (state troopers, deputies, federal agents, school resource officers)

  • Paramedics and EMTs

  • Firefighters

  • Military Personnel 

  • Civil Servants 

  • Search and Rescue Personnel 

  • Sanitation Workers

  • Public Workers

  • Laborers and Equipment Operators 

    • Other trained members of organizations connected with this type of work. 

Lasting Effects

The cumulative effect of trauma experienced by first responders over the course of their careers can have negative effects on their mental health, individual families, and communities. 

Due to recent events, it is clear that people with significant mental health issues and addictions can and need to have positive contact with first responders.

360™ Focus gives first responders the tools they need to keep themselves, their families, and the communities they serve, strong.


Mental Health is who we are.

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