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Families play an important role in the mental health of both parents and children. When we, or our loved ones, experience mental illness it is easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and uncertain.

Find resources, tools, and the skills you need in your family to build a foundation of positive mental health and support in the recovery process. 

Mental health matters in every stage of life from childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood. 

Healthy relationships have a significant affect on our happiness in life.


of children have been diagnosed with ADHD


of Americans experience Mental Illness

that's 45 million people!


of adolescents (grades 9-12) report feeling sad or hopeless

Families are in Crisis

Despite families talking more and more about mental health, young people continue to face mental illness. Millions of youth in the United States (ages 3 to 17) experience depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, autism spectrum disorders, and other mental health issues. 

Parents wonder how to help their children and children wonder where to find support. 360 Focus™ surrounds families with tools to support parents and their children in positive mental health. Learn how to start conversations, support family members with mental illness, and strengthen relationships in your family.

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360 Focus™ families will have access through our Members Only portal to a comprehensive tool kit of videos, family activities, blogs, articles, and podcasts to jumpstart a culture of positive mental health in your family. 

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Mental Health is who we are.


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