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There is a Mental Health Crisis

Mental Health is Everyone's Business.

50% of mental health disorders develop

by age 14

75% develop by age 24

61% of students

experience  trauma

trauma directly impacts a student's ability to learn

Students are living with depression, ADHD, and anxiety

the most common mental health disorders among students

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Dr. Christy Kane LLC

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor | Serving UT

Mental Health is Who We Are

Therapy for individuals and families experiencing anxiety, depression, or trauma.

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Consulting / Speaking

For EAPs, Businesses, & Human Resources Departments

  • Psychosocial assessments for organizations and leadership departments. 

  • Mental health treatment & ongoing-care referrals, including case coordination for at-risk employees.

  • Trauma-informed training for HR professionals, managers, & leaders.

  • Supervisory consultations & Brown Bag Lunch workshops on topics such as stress management, conflict resolution, substance use, burnout, compassion fatigue, & balancing career & family.

  • Critical incident debriefings and trauma recovery services for companies in crisis (downsizing, suicide on-the-job, crime, COVID-19, and future threats).

  • Creating a culture of prevention to decrease presenteeism, absenteeism, and to increase productivity.

  • For first responders (police, EMTs, nurses, etc.): trauma-informed first responder training, stress management & coping skills, & survival skills for the first responder. 

For School Districts, Principals, & Teachers

  • Professional development and training for all staff in mental health stabilization strategies and skills. 

    • Tailored training for administrators and special education teams to build specific toolboxes and skillsets for the populations they serve.​

    • Topics include: trauma-based brains, teaching through a pandemic, guidance in communication on sensitive topics with students, and addressing behavioral health issues in students in the classroom.

  • Professional development for school counselors and social workers.

  • Interactive workshops for school staff and students on such topics as: bullying/cyberbullying/inclusion, social skills for adolescents, substance abuse and vaping, suicide and suicide prevention, toxic relationships, teen pregnancy, and electronics and their effect on the developing brain.

  • School assemblies and parent nights presentations on what mental health is and what it is not, healthy boundaries, the developing brain, anxiety & depression, healthy sexuality, and more.​

  • Full 360 mental health stabilization program to include assessments, in-person and virtual training for teachers and administrators, red flag warning systems, full video library, reports, measured results, and gamification.

For Psychiatrists, Physicians, & Mental Health Professionals

  • Mental health assessments & triage consultations for/on behalf of your individual patients. 

  • Professional trainings for psychiatrists, physicians, therapists, social workers, and psychologists on topics including trauma, self-care for first responders, therapy from a brain-based perspective, and “thera-coaching” – coaching the psychotherapy patient

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