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Hi, I'm Dr. Kane.

Owner | Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC) | PsyD

Each client who enters my office desires deeper personal connections, less stress and more hope. When tragedy strikes, and you find yourself facing depression, anxiety, or dark thoughts, then I'd like you to begin a mental health journey with me.

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A Little Bit About Me

Christy Kane PsyD and CMHC, has over 20 years of experience leading and guiding in mental health. Christy Kane is a sought-after presenter and author who focuses her work on neurology, mental health stability, and how electronics are affecting the human brain.  


She has served in a variety of roles that contribute to her extensive mental health knowledge and expertise in the field of Psychology. As a former owner and Clinical Director of two residential treatment centers, Christy has helped youth learn the skills necessary to effectively contribute to society, manage their mental health, and make positive changes in their lives. Christy also owns an outpatient clinic in Utah where she provided counseling services.


From parent nights at local schools to TEDx talks, and from national conferences to local intervention with companies, Christy is a coveted advisor in the area of mental health. Christy knows that corporations, schools, and families are facing mental health challenges. She is available to speak on mental health.

Using therapeutic topics, tools, guidance, and solutions, Christy offers information to help protect individuals from mental health crises. 

Dr. Kane's Specialties

For a full list of Dr. Kane's specialties, please visit her psychology today profile here.

Keynote Speaker & Published Author on Mental Health Topics

Click here to visit her speaking website or to request Dr. Kane to speak at your next event.

Dr. Kane has provided me with unmatched therapy services.
Her patience, understanding, and great knowledge of how to navigate different issues and situations are clear every session.
I can’t begin to explain how much progress I’ve made with her guidance!

- Therapy Client


Read My New Book

Confidentiality is the sacred charge of a therapist.


Fractured Souls & Splintered Memories: Unlocking the "Boxes" of Trauma showcases the private bond between client and therapist. Join the main character as she progresses through the healing steps of therapy.


In this book, you'll discover the resiliency of the human soul to overcome childhood abuse and trauma recovery. The darkness can be overcome, healing is possible, and the dedicated work of client and therapist can change a life for good.

Overcome Trials
Make a Difference

All of us will go through times in life that will try our souls. During such times, we may ask:

  • Will I ever get through this?

  • Why me?

  • Who am I?

  • What do I believe?

  • Am I alone?


No one should have to answer these hard questions and travel through difficult circumstances alone. The greatest growth in life comes when we are willing to ask for help and then allow others to help us heal.


In her book, Shell Cracking: Leaving the Past Behind, Christy shares stories of heroic individuals who, with her help and guidance as a therapist, gained guidance and overcame great trials.


I've Worked with Amazing Organizations

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