Why 360 Focus?

Many companies want to support their employees, but don't know how to effectively empower mental health in their organizations. 

360 Focus™ offers corporate cultures and their employees comprehensive, wrap-around services.

Empower employees in a focused approach that supports people at its core. 

Companies Play a Crucial Role

 With 360™ Focus, you can know the right thing to say to empower your people and your organization. 

Mental Health affects everything we do, from building
new relationships to confidently reaching strategic goals.


✓ Increase awareness of your own mental health and its effect on your leadership

✓ Adapt policies and procedures 

✓ Promote awareness 

✓ Make mental health a priority 

✓ Reduce costs associated with absenteeism and low productivity

✓ Reduce absenteeism 

✓ Increase performance and motivation  

✓ Normalize discussions 

✓ Promote mentally healthy culture

✓ Prevent burnout

✓ Empower your workplace and all of its members

HR Teams


✓ Overcome fear and shame

✓ Increase connection 

✓ Recognize coworkers in trouble and learn how to reach out to them

✓ Meet deadlines, increase productivity, and find deeper motivation 

✓ Manage depression and anxiety 

Multiple Touch Points

Mental Health is our experience with the ups and downs of life. 

When a person experiences a change in their mental health, they can feel depressed, anxious, or forgotten.

How an employer responds to employee mental health can make a significant difference. 


Less than 50% of employees in the United States will reach out to an employer about their mental health because of stigmas, discrimination, fear, and shame. 


Dynamic employers open up dialogues about mental health and invite cultural change so that employees can feel heard and cared for throughout their employment. 


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One Time Services

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change the mental health crisis

Mental Health is who we are.


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