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Christy Kane PsyD, PhD., CMHC, has over 20 years of experience leading and guiding in mental health. Christy Kane is a sought-after presenter and author who focuses her work on neurology, mental health stability, and how electronics are affecting the human brain.  


She has served in a variety of roles that contribute to her extensive mental health knowledge and expertise in the field of Psychology. As a former owner and Clinical Director of two residential treatment centers, Christy has helped youth learn the skills necessary to effectively contribute to society, manage their mental health, and make positive changes in their lives. Christy also owns an outpatient clinic where she provided counseling services.


From parent nights at local schools to TEDx talks, and from national conferences to local intervention with companies, Christy is a coveted advisor in the area of mental health. Christy knows that corporations, schools, and families are facing mental health challenges.

Using therapeutic topics, tools, guidance, and solutions, Christy offers information to help protect individuals from mental health crises. 

Christy Kane

Speaker, Author and
Founder of 360 Focus Mental Health

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Key Speaking Engagements: 


UVU Wellness Conference 

National Association of School Resource Officers

Utah State Parent Teachers Association Conference

Suicide Awareness Conference

Utah Coalition Against Pornography

Community Parent Nights

TEDx Park City - See Full Video

Utah Association of School Counsellors Conference

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