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We all wonder at times if healing is possible, whether for us or for our loved ones. In Fractured Souls and Splintered Memories: Unlocking the “Boxes” of Trauma, Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Christy Kane, explores the resiliency of the human soul. In this raw, emotional narrative, readers step into the therapy office to uncover one client’s back story as she makes peace with the past.


Refusing to let her childhood abuse dictate her future, see first-hand how one individual and her therapist resolve the trauma of her past to celebrate the hope of her present. No matter the back story, this story explores how we can make peace with the past and find the power to heal.

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I focus on helping individuals find peace by empowering mental health.

Through the means of speaking, writing, and therapy I have the rare privilege of helping individuals make peace with their past while taking daily steps to live the lives they want. We all know individuals who suffer quietly with mental health issues and sadly we also know those who have chosen to end their lives. I know that working together we can help those who suffer find hope while shifting the mental health crisis. 


Many years ago as a new therapist I came to the realization that the topic of mental health was a negative word that no one wanted to talk about. I also know that silence is a killer. Gladly, that trend is changing. We are learning to talk about mental health in positive ways that is empowering and helping people feel safe enough to ask for help. 


I look forward to coming to your event, visiting with you in therapy, or having you read my book so that we can take time to talk about mental health in such a way that leaves all present hopeful and ready to have hard discussion, make critical policy changes, and implement programs for kids and educators which create safe spaces to heal while embowering positive mental health.

Christy Kane

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Founder of 360 Focus Mental Health

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I don't just care about mental health


Mental illness affects 1 in 4 adults
1 and 5 Youth. 


Every 40 seconds a teen dies from suicide.


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