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Finding the right therapist can be a challenge

At Dr. Kane's Therapy Clinic located in Utah, we can help you find a counselor who cares deeply, has the right experience, and fits your needs. Life seems crazy, but we believe finding peace in your life is possible.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kane

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Many years ago I came to the realization that there was a negative stigma; no one wanted to talk about mental health. Gladly, this trend is changing.

Starting therapy brings up a lot of emotions. We are learning to talk, to heal, to empower, and learn that it is safe to ask for help. The experience of mixed feelings is common. Whether you are facing depression, anxiety, divorce, or other life transitions, visiting with a therapist is an important first step.

My team and I are here to guide you towards hope and feeling better. We serve the Utah County area and specialize in EMDR, DBT and CMT. 

Dr. Christy Kane


Located in Highland, Utah